Illustration Friday: Impatience




Submitted for Illustration Friday with theme: Impatience. I think it was a difficult theme and what I got in my mind is a common thing happens surround us. A busy mother cooking while interupted with her two kids. Anyway, this is my first post to Illustration Friday site. I don’t expect too much but I find it interesting to illustrate in paper and then retouched it in Photoshop. (I used to draw only in paper OR draw only in PC, but never try both!)

By the way, I just remember that today is Friday! Will I be late again to submit?? 😦

9 pemikiran pada “Illustration Friday: Impatience

    • yah bgitu, kayanya jadi Mom harus panjangggg sabarrrr ya..
      Job description: koki, pengasuh anak, pelayan suami, ahli keuangan, guru les *kaya iklan tepe apa tu ya* hahahaha

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