31 Days Drawing Challenge

Suddenly, I want to challenge myself doing my long-lost hobby: drawing. I was crazy drawer since I know how to use pen, until high school – proven by textbooks full of my sketch everywhere. I didn’t draw much in uni. I guess I work too much in computer instead. Well, can’t complain, I was an IT student.

Now, as a mom (who also doesn’t have much time) I want to challenge myself start drawing again.

OH my scanner doesn’t work. Hope I can scan it tomorrow. For now, kiss to my mobile phone camera :*

It is me -as a kid- listening to my God’s voice. Why God always have beard in most paintings? Well, I draw my God, handsome and without beard 🙂

PS: Anyone join me doing the challenge?

5 pemikiran pada “31 Days Drawing Challenge

  1. Hehehehe….tadinya gue pikir itu bapak dan anak. Bapaknya beneran, bukan God :). Wah, gue sih bisa aja menggambar, dulu demen banget malah sampai pas ambil kelas Art, gurunya gak kasih keluar alias suruh terusin di major Art. Tapi malasnyaaaaaahhh….

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