Drawing Challenge 3: Wedding Dress

I’m not good at this. This means the drawing challenge. Busy with kid, going out dinner with family, blabla.. However I try my best to draw a lot this time, so that I can forgive myself for not posting last 4 days hehe.










I was thinking about what kind of wedding dress my sister would like to wear on her BIG day. She’s going to get married in next few months, and she haven’t decided about the dress yet. My fav is the featherlite, I saw that dress in a wedding website and it was absolutely beautiful. Well, if I can wear wedding dress twice, then this dress have to be mine :P. It looks like feather all over the gown and pretty much like a white swan.

The second and third dress was my sketch, didn’t get inspired by anything. Pardon my drawings :P. Have a happy monday ay ay!

4 pemikiran pada “Drawing Challenge 3: Wedding Dress

  1. Wow, gambar nya bagus2!!! 🙂
    Aku cmn bisa gambar orang kek komik (mata gede, idung segaris, badan kecil, muka gede) :p
    Ayo berikutnya gambar apaaa?

    • sama, aku juga sejak SD hobi gambar komik hihi.. masi inget pas itu yg paling sering kugambar yakni sailor moon 😀 hahaha
      ehmm belom sempet2 upload nih yg baru

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