Why do we get married?

People get married, have children, and grandchildren so on so on.. But why?

Some people say it is human nature, just like animal. They tend to get a mate and having a family.

Some friends said to fulfill God’s will: “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it…”

Some said they don’t want to grow old alone and need friend for lifetime.

My friend said because her clock is ticking and her parents bugging her to get married soon.

My husband said he didn’t want to get married, but then he met me and change his mind. 🙂

I went to my bestfriend wedding yesterday. She is my friend since kindergarden, high school, and university. We didn’t go to same uni, but we were roomate back then in Sydney. So her family was like my family too. She marry a man, whom also my friend. Actually I’m the person to make them met. I still remember the day I brought her to him, one day in Sydney Darling Harbor eight years ago. So when I see them get married yesterday (after a long journey), I wonder what make them took the decision. I always think it is a man’s responsibility to took the decision and propose the girl. A man usually love his freedom and ‘me-time’, and some men doesn’t want to get married until he has enough money. But hey, enough is never enough rite? So why our partner marry us finally?

I think they love their freedom, career & dream, but they love us MORE that he would not let us go from his life.

People said many different reasons on why they get married. But I believe LOVE is the big power behind all these. Something that make human sacrifise his half-life for another human. Just like Jesus give His life to human. LOVE.

Congratulations my friend, someone wants to spend the rest of his life with you. I wish u a happily-ever-after 😉

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